Full automatic vehicle lens assembly line
Product features
The whole line adopts a high-precision visual positioning correction system to calculate the product alignment error and guide the assembly head to carry out high-precision assembly. Through high-precision flexible assembly head, the lens, light shielding sheet and spacer ring are assembled into the lens barrel according to the process sequence. The whole line adopts the assembly method of mirror simple plate, and the relevant materials are loaded with clips.
Specification parameters
Equipment capacity UPH > 600 Pcs/H
Assembly accuracy 5μm
Repetitive positioning accuracy of linear motor ±1μm
Flatness of assembly platform 5μm
Perpendicularity of assembled shaft 5μm
Rotation accuracy of assembled shaft 5μm
Control accuracy of preloading height of assembly shaft 1μm
Equipment advantages 1) High precision image processing system & equipped with high precision linear motor; 2) High precision platform processing & assembly to ensure that precision parts are within 5um; 3) High quality assembly system: conduct relevant inspection before and after assembly to ensure assembly quality; 4) The whole line adopts single line connection mode, which can flexibly increase or decrease equipment and facilitate product switching; 5) The whole plate assembly method is adopted, with high production capacity; 6) All materials are loaded with clips to reduce the workload of operators and operators.
Assembly shaft pressure control 0.05Kgf ~ 20Kgf (Δ<±0.05Kgf)
Air source 0.3~0.7MPa
Power supply and rated power AC220V 50/60HZ, 2.5KW
Vacuum source 0 ~ -100Kpa
Application scope
It is suitable for precise lens assembly of various types of vehicle mounted cameras.
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