Product features
Arrange the disordered light shielding plates or spacer rings to the discharge port through the vibrating plate. The four-axis robot is used to place the corresponding auxiliary materials into the tray in order. The pallet is loaded with spring clips.
Specification parameters
Equipment capacity UPH > 1200 Pcs/H
Placement yield ≥99.8%
Manipulator accuracy ±0.01mm
Z-axis accuracy ±0.01mm
Movement accuracy of material tray and bin manipulator ±0.01mm
Equipment advantages 1) The equipment has simple structure, easy maintenance and high compatibility; 2) Equipment capacity & stability leading the industry level; 3) The equipment can distinguish the front and back of soma sheet.
Air source 0.3~0.7MPa
Power supply and rated power AC220V 50/60HZ, 2.5KW
Vacuum rate 0~-100Kpa
Application scope
It is suitable for the light shielding plate, spacer ring and swing plate of lens barrel of various types of cameras.
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