After the wave surged, Jiankun new force came

In September 2021, at the end of the summer, we organized a military training for all new employees.

Just as the students are young, we are gathering in Jiankun. Starting a new journey, the military training of the new homeland met us unexpectedly.

Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms had a saying in his general's training: without military training, a hundred people are not equal to one; Practice and use it, one can be a hundred. An excellent enterprise is like an army. It is necessary to be able to fight and win when it is called. The purpose of military training is to enhance the unity and execution of new students, improve their sense of responsibility and self-discipline, give play to their enthusiasm and creativity, quickly adapt to the life of Jiankun and become a member of the Iron Army of Jiankun. After the three-day training, the instructor Zhao Liang held a closing ceremony in the large conference room and presented awards to outstanding new employees. Wang Qinghai, chairman of Jiankun, made a summary at the closing ceremony. He said that he hoped that new employees would love their jobs and work hard to complete an important turning point in their lives in Jiankun and realize the double integration of personal value and enterprise value -- they should have strong physique and strong will; Both profound knowledge and extraordinary courage; We have both lofty ideals and great responsibilities.

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